Problems with cfi_cmdset_0002.c

Jonas Holmberg jonas.holmberg at
Tue Feb 13 03:31:02 EST 2001

> What does the bootloc say? Does it says something other the 2 and 3?

I have two AM29LV160D one top and one bottom boot and the both say bootloc==0 :(
I checked the datasheets and the AM29LV160D does not have 004F (bootloc), like the AM29LV320D cips do. I'll try to find some other way of determining the boot location.

> > If the erase regions are listed the wrong way round _and_ 
> the byte in the
> > extended header isn't set appropriately to tell you so, 
> these AMD chips
> > really are broken. We need to work round them explicitly 
> with a table of
> > JEDEC IDs for the broken chips, or just reject them and buy 
> Intel chips
> > instead.

We do buy a lot of AMD compatible flash chips, so we have to come up with a solution I'm afraid.

> We need a table like that for other AMD compatible non CFI 
> chips as well
> (e.g. Toshiba).
> Jonas has a solution that seems to work here, I guess it 
> should go into the
> mtd tree soner or later?
> We probably want the check against the list before doing the 
> CFI probe.

I'm also starting to dislike AMD flash chips...


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