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Christer Weinigel wingel at
Mon Feb 12 03:05:47 EST 2001

dwmw2 at wrote:
>You can leave the original firmware in place, which makes it pretend to be 
>a BIOS-supported hard drive. So you can use any bootloader, although some 
>versions of LILO have problems with the amount of memory that the firmware 
>eats. We can also load Grub into the DiskOnChip in place of the original 
>firmware, and we've done about 90% of the work required to make grub 
>capable of loading a kernel from the DiskOnChip - just needs a few bugs 

Whre can I find that version of Grub?  I'm just playing around a bit
with a DiskOnChip module right now, and I hacked the stage1 loader
from the mtd/grub directory so that it can load etherboot and then
added a some very primitive DOC support to etherboot (it was available
and has a framework for serial consoles which works).

So now I load etherboot from the DOC and then scan the DOC for a tag
which identifies an etherboot nbi image and loads that.

If anyone is interested, I can probably clean up the sources a bit and
put it up on a website somewhere.


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