m-systems doc 2000 : no free space left

oskaya at softhome.net oskaya at softhome.net
Fri Feb 9 11:00:48 EST 2001

i have a icp amd k6 based embedded system with msystems 2000 flash disk . I
was able to access flash disk device after loading the modules as listed in
one of previous mails . It detects the disk in three pieces at 0xd6000
address . After running MAKEDEV in utils directory i can fdisk to the
/dev/nftla device . I'm running linux kernel 2.4.0.

The problem with the flash disk is while formatting the device with
mkfs.ext2 /dev/nftla
It runs without any problems for some duration .Later it gives an error
with an argh message stating that it has reached to the end of the device
and no free space is left . 

Then i thought that i should grab the latest version from mtd site . The
snapshot i have downloaded doesn't seem to compile in this case . Any

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