M-Sys's driver and public driver

Ruslan Satlykov ruslan at mik.ru
Tue Feb 6 14:20:20 EST 2001


Here is my (some) trouble. Under the Linux, I have a DOC partitioned
with M-Systems's doc driver to two partiotions. It's works fine after
rebooting, I can read/write on it, but some days ago I have tryed 2.4
kernel, with embedded DOC driver in it. Well, I had successfully
mounted the chip, but when I had rebooted I lose all my data on the
flash :(... GPL's driver "says" me words like 'ECC read error' at the
mount time, but I had ignored this warnings... And - unlucky final, as
you see :)

For details:
 DiskOnChip 2000, size - 4-8Mb, firmware version - 1.21.

And, after rebooting native M-System's driver can not 'fdisk' and
mount my chip (I need to repair it with original DOC's image, getted
with getmimg.bat from M-Systems floppy)


P.S. But - thank you very much for your work!! :) And sorry for my

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