NFTL Performance

Ian Eure <Ian Eure ieure at
Tue Feb 6 13:08:44 EST 2001

i'm seeing about 5.7 seconds to write 1mb. i'm using a 32mb doc2000 on
the isa eval board, with a vanilla 2.4.1 kernel.

a more important problem that i see is that when blocks are being
flushed to the DOC, certain parts of the system (mouse, maybe others) stop
responding until the write is complete.

i think it's caused by DoC_Delay, which is called from
DoC_WaitReady. can someone confirm/deny?

Alessandro Staltari writes:
 > It seems GPL'd NFTL driver is a lot slower than the
 > M-Systems's propietary driver, it takes about 10
 > seconds to sync 1MB of data written to the flash. Does
 > is it confirmed by your experience?

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