lrp booting from M-Systems ISA flash card

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Feb 1 06:35:21 EST 2001

lhfrjgtn at said:
> the main question - i need only boot from this flash card but not use
> it as hardrive (drive),  are there any ideas how to prevent system's
> hang ?

I think it's probably hanging because the built-in BIOS extension takes up 
too much memory. Can you try a newer version of SYSLINUX or using loadlin 

The kernel patches won't help you get it booting, but you may to be able to
use the flash card from within Linux - it was the first device ever
supported by the MTD code, although I had a 4MiB version. If the bitrot
hasn't got to it yet, try doc1000.c - you may need to hardcode the size of
the device and the physical location at which it's found.

You'll also want to enable FTL (not NFTL). 


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