DOC 2000 file install question

Bill Seisler wrs122 at
Wed Aug 29 15:42:54 EDT 2001

Your help so far has been wonderful. I have a much better understanding of 
what is really going on in the system which is key. I rattled my brain for 
over a week before I sent out any help messages.

Ok, I can boot from the HDD and see the DoC. I'm ready to put a file system 
on it and copy files to it. It is 144 Megs, therefore I don't think I need 
to compress it. I've heard a lot of good things about JFFS but I also heard 
it's not quite functional with DoC, is this true? If so, is ext2 fine? 
Also, does anyone know of a good utility to batch copy over to the DoC what 
it needs to run stand-alone (aside from the kernel). M-Sys had a nice 
utility but it was for RedHat 6.2 and it relies on their drivers, which I 
am not using. I can try hacking the script but I am not the most confident 
at my capabilities there. Also, what should I use to modify lilo to boot 
the Disk on Chip? I found the mtd-lilo hack. Is there a more up to date 
version than what was published in April? and it looks like the CVS might 
have it packaged in it as well or that could be from staring at the monitor 
too long.


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