UnitSizeFactor != 1

Veikko Werner veikko.werner at logware.de
Wed Aug 29 07:07:54 EDT 2001

Hello List,

I'm trying defferent ways to get the DOC work under my x86-system.
I did all the things for the kernel, but get the following kernel messages
while booting.
I'm using a 2.4.9 kernel, but the same happens to 2.4.7
I can't use nftl_format - it complains the erase size. (I can't use CVS, so
I use the last tgz from 20000704)
Do I have to load a special firmware - other than M-Systems 5.0 ?
any comments?

Thanks, Veikko

<-- kernel message
M-Systems DiskOnChip driver. (C) 1999 Machine Vision Holdings, Inc.
Using configured probe address 0xd8000
DiskOnChip 2000 found at address 0xD8000
Flash chip found: Manufacturer ID: 98, Chip ID: 73 (Toshiba TH58V128DC)
3 flash chips found. Total DiskOnChip size: 48 MiB
mtd: Giving out device 0 to DiskOnChip 2000
M-Systems NAND Flash Translation Layer driver. (C) 1999 MVHI
$Id: nftlcore.c,v 1.73 2001/06/09 01:09:43 dwmw2 Exp $
NFTL_notify_add for DiskOnChip 2000
Sorry, we don't support UnitSizeFactor of != 1 yet
Sorry, we don't support UnitSizeFactor of != 1 yet
Could not find valid boot record
Could not mount NFTL device

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