JFFS2 on 8MB Flash-Chip conneted to MPC850 works extremly slow :(

Russ Dill Russ.Dill at asu.edu
Tue Aug 28 11:53:59 EDT 2001

On 28 Aug 2001 13:59:37 +0200, Wojciech Kromer wrote:
> I have JFFS2 on my 8MBFujitsu Flash Chip connected to MPC850 (50Mhz).
> I've decided to have root file system on that flash, but it boots
> extremly slow.
> It takes about 5 minutes. With compressed initial ram disk on flash it
> takes less
> than 30s.
> Q1 Why?
> Q2 I work on mtd-snapshot-20010628.tar.bz2. Are there any speed changes
> in furthere releases?

It will take longer than a ramdisk because of the way jffs2 works, but
it looks like you might not be setting your flash timings

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