DOC2000 Linux Boot Error

Vipin Malik mtd-linux at
Mon Aug 27 08:43:01 EDT 2001

At 10:45 PM 8/26/2001 -0400, wrs122 at wrote:
>I've been working through trying to get linux to boot from a DOC2000 chip.
>I'm running kernel 2.4.9. I get an error "kernel panic: no init found". I
>have no idea where to look to solve this problem... any ideas?

"normally", I've seen this message when the kernel could not mount its root fs.
Of course, maybe there really is no init file to run after the kernel 
mounts the fs.

Do you have a /sbin/init?

Like the David said, to determine the source of the problem you need to detail
a bit more (what are you trying to do, any relevant boot messages etc.).


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