mtdchar major , 90 or 91?

Nikolai Vladychevski niko at
Fri Aug 24 09:18:54 EDT 2001

David Woodhouse writes: 

> niko at said:
>>  Why in MAKEDEV the char device has major 90 and in mtdchar.c it has
>> redefined from 90 to 91 in one of the first lines of code: 
> Eep, sorry. That was a local hack which shouldn't have escaped my tree. 
> Reverted. 

that's what I tought, last question, do you think I can use the lastest cvs 
for production, or I should stay on 20000704.....  (It's just I wanted to 
use Ollie Who's new DoC millenium driver and be up to date.....) 


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