jffs2 mount time and min size

dennis noermann dennis.noermann at noernet.de
Fri Aug 24 07:18:52 EDT 2001

hi all

in the mailinglist archive i saw a lot of posting that jffs2 mount time is
long , on my system it is long , too :(

ppc with 66Mhz
2*Intel 28F320 interlanced in 32 Bit mode

to mount an 6Mb partition it takes 20 seconds

is there any kind of way to improve the mount speed ?

I tried to make a 1024k jffs2 partition , it workt
but df schows that 600k is used after cration
and after bringing more then 500k in it it says i am full :(

Normal ?

I tried to make an 640k jffs2 partition , it doesnt work
i made the immage with mkjffs2 , copied it to the partition
mounted it , ok i can read all stuff in it

but if i try to delete something or to put something more in it
it says i am full :(

Normal ?


dennis noermann

ps: i am using kernel 2.4.2 with mtdcvs from 23.08.2001

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