[Novice] Few simple questions on DOC.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri Aug 17 05:57:07 EDT 2001

riipinen at nic.fi said:
>  Are the fixes in 2.4.9? I could just as well update my kernel source
> tree anyway and forget 2.4.7 completely, nothing in particular is
> forcing me to stay on 2.4.7. 

Not yet, sorry - I sent them once but Linus dropped them. I'll resend when 
he gets back from .fi.

>  Well, hmm... Ok, I assumed that the bootsector included in bzImage
> works just as well as it does with floppies and hd. Well, I was really
> thinking that I could save some space by not using Lilo/Grub but maybe
> that's not worth it then. 

I suppose it _might_ work. Don't be surprised if it doesn't though.

>  And would you recommend Lilo over Grub?

Until someone does the relatively small amount of work to finish the Grub 
DiskOnChip support, yes. 

> So ext2 is the most practical choise currently?


> Would there be any problems if the user shuts down the SBC when my
> application is still writing some data file onto the DOC? I guess
> those will be dealt with on boot. 

It should be just the same as on a hard drive - which means that you should
probably be using ext3, but that's a little heavyweight for use on the 


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