JFFS2 is broken

Frederic Giasson fgiasson at mediatrix.com
Wed Aug 15 11:09:54 EDT 2001

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Be careful, in my tests, the worst case blocking times came when the flash 
was >90+%
full. You may want to increase the full % on your flash full program and 

I ran JitterTest with -w 1000 bytes and after a while, it began to slow down
a lot.  Note that I had the kernel image file stored in jffs2 during that
test, so that JitterTest had 50% of the flash left for itself.  When I
stopped JitterTest, the worst case was 24 seconds and the instant average
jitter was probably around 5 seconds... What is happening?  Is JFFS2
constantly gargabe collecting after a while?  I looked at the size of the
file created by the -f option, and along with my kernel file it was using
95% of the flash.

Frédéric Giasson

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