DOC2000 erase size of 16k?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Aug 13 19:56:16 EDT 2001

pla at said:
>  Ah!  Now I see how this all fits together.  Many thanks, and I will
> certainly write up my experiences for the HowTo.  Incidentally, for
> anyone else trying this, it would serve them well to back up the bad
> blocks section of their DOC before doing *anything*.  I seem to have
> killed my DOC by overwriting it, without a backup (fortunately, I can
> just get another from work, but not everyone has that luxury).

I don't believe it's possible to really kill the hardware. Just unwise to 
lose the factory-programmed information about bad sectors. We could fix 
nftl_format to preserve that information, and probably should do so quite 

What failure mode are you seeing with it now?


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