JFFS2 is broken

A. Craig West acwest-jffs at mail.bdkw.yi.org
Thu Aug 9 13:00:41 EDT 2001

Is there any more word on this problem? I'm planning on porting jffs2 to the
Agenda VR3, but have been holding off for a resolution of this issue...
By the way, has anybody else noticed that there has been no traffic on this list
in at least a week?

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

> For all practical purposes, JFFS2, in its present form, IMHO,  is
> broken.
> I've been doing a lot of "jitter" or "blocking" time testing for various
> tasks running on a system where there is JFFS2 activity going on (info
> for those that have not been following my posts).
-Snipped, but boils down to kernel blocks for up to 30 seconds-

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