JFFS and RTLinux

Jan Debiec jan.debiec at jurca.de
Thu Aug 9 06:57:20 EDT 2001

Hi David,

as you suggested,

David Woodhouse wrote:
> jan.debiec at jurca.de said:
> >  P.S. But the question is still open, why has MTD and JFFS problems
> > with SMP flag set in kernel config.
> Reproduce on a non-RT kernel and use SysRq-P to find where it's blocking.

the results:
EIP: 0010:[<c01986d3>] EFLAGS: 00000202
...			EBP: c01d0040

in system.map for that kernel:
c0195940 T stext_lock
c019b360 R lk_lockmsg
c01d0040 d sbc_mediagx_map

unfortunately "stext_lock" tells me nothing (is used in head.S),
sbc_mediagx_map is a structure used for Arcom GXM board

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