Problems with NAND support

James, Laura laurajames at
Tue Aug 7 11:13:56 EDT 2001

We're going to be working on a new board with large amounts of NAND flash in
the immediate future. It would seem to be a much better idea to go with
jffs2 than jffs.  What will we need to do to get it working? 

Any pointers you can give will be very much appreciated.


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> juan at said:
> >  We only can get a kernel image if we don't enable NAND device
> > support.  The problem is that we really need it. Do you know why? 
> If you're using raw NAND chips you'll need a tiny board-specific glue 
> driver like spia.c to let the generic nand code know how to 
> access the 
> chips.
> You can't use FTL on it because that's for NOR flash. You 
> can't use NFTL 
> because that requires the DiskOnChip ECC hardware, and in 
> many places both 
> suffer from patent problems.
> You can use JFFS on it, but JFFS2 hasn't yet been made to 
> deal with NAND 
> flash - I'm happy to give you pointers if you want to fix that.
> I'd also like to see someone write a SmartMedia-compatible 
> translation 
> layer driver - that ought to be fairly simple to do too.
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