Building MTD with JFFS2

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 7 06:19:04 EDT 2001

kentborg at said:
>  This made my compile happy, but, though the make dep seems to have
> visited the linux/fs/jffs directory, the make itself didn't.

> Hmmm.  Ideas on how to get out of the newbie mud? 

Look at the 2.4-ac patches. They have all the necessary glue you need to 
add the fs/jffs2 directory to the build.

kentborg at said:
>  In the mean time, because we don't have CFI chips, I think I will
> look into whether I need to write my own mtd driver.  (AMD and Intel
> chips, but old ones.) 

We have drivers for them, but just can't necessarily recognise them. Rather 
than doing a whole new driver, you need to just write a probe routine which 
passes control to the cfi_cmdset_000x drivers like cfi_probe.c does.

The actual commands are the same - CFI only defines how you probe the chips
to identify them.


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