Disk on Chip -> Could not find valid boot record

Walser, Martin mwalser at harris.com
Thu Aug 2 10:41:11 EDT 2001

I'v downloaded the newst driver.

This is, what I've done:

1. eraseall /dev/mtd0
2. nftl_format /dev/mtd0

Everything works fine, no errors were reported.

I've disabled DOC_SINGLE_DRIVER.

But when I restart the system, the following output is shown:

M-Systems DiskOnChip driver. (C) 1999 Machine Vision Holdings, Inc.
Using configured probe address 0x50000000
DiskOnChip Millennium found at address 0x50000000
Flash chip found: Manufacturer ID: 98, Chip ID: E6 (Toshiba TC58V64AFT/DC)
1 flash chips found. Total DiskOnChip size: 8 MiB
mtd: Giving out device 0 to DiskOnChip Millennium
NFTL driver: nftlcore.c $Revision: 1.76 $, nftlmount.c $Revision: 1.19 $
Could not find valid boot record
Could not mount NFTL device

What did I wrong?

best regards

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