got stuck with DoC 2000: excuse me

ASA atris at
Wed Aug 1 08:46:05 EDT 2001

Hello all,

Excuse me for hurrying and asking before thoroughly examining...

>  Where I was wrong? Is there any detailed step-by-step instruction to
>  set up DoC2000?
mtd-jffs-HOWTO. at first looking I did not saw this file at all :-(

It says what I want... And that 2.2.x does not work with DoC...

>  I can use 2.4 kernel but I don't want this - I'm developing embedded
>  device and do not want to enlarge system even by 150-200K. In fact,
>  I cannot fit kernel 2.4 (even packed with UPX) and initrd with glibc
>  2.1 together on single bootable standard-formatted floppy.
No, 2.4.1 kernel was enlarged by 20 kbytes only and it does work with DoC.

Thank you
Best regards,
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