Elan SC520 - problem with MTD

Alex Lennon ajlennon at arcom.co.uk
Mon Apr 23 09:45:08 EDT 2001

>> However, if you want to get rid of the BIOS, you have to write your own
>> code for the board, which is not a trivial task. Actually, I'm currently
>> working on something like that, but it is not ready for release yet and
>> making only slow progress as I have about a hundred other things to do.
>> However, I believe, Vipin Malik has gotten this to work for himself.
Maybe if
>> you ask him nicely...

I this BIOS compressed ? If not you should be able to write a simple BIOS
to hook INT13h or INT19h. Then when your BIOS proper executes the interrupt
custom BIOS extension code loads your kernel out of linear flash - or do you
see a
problem with this approach ?



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