First release of NAND flash device driver...

Steven J. Hill sjhill at
Fri Sep 29 03:17:52 EDT 2000


I have released my first version of a NAND flash driver. While
it is written for my specific board, a person should easily be
able to simply tailor the 'nand_send_command' function to their
platform and be ready to go. I also have not put code in to
deal with the NAND devices that have 256 byte wide pages. Please
note that you may not modify the ECC algorithms in 'nand_ecc.c'
as I am still working with Toshiba on licensing terms. Comments
are welcome. I will be implementing the write functions tomorrow
and then begin modifications to JFFS! Well, I have been up for
21 hours straight and I'm off to bed. Cheers.


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