Grub support in DiskOnChip.

Volker Sonn mlist at
Mon Sep 18 18:33:53 EDT 2000


i cant boot my DOC2000 with grub :-(

I did: (in this order)
- patched grub with the 2 patches in mtd/grub/
- make, make install (of grub)
- copied the pre_stage2 to /mdt/grub
- mdt/grub/make
- doc_loadbios /dev/mtd0 grub_firmware
- nftl_format /dev/mdt0 81920
- fdisk /dev/nftla
- mke2fs /dev/nftla1 -m 0
- copied a kernel and /boot/grub to /nftla1

After rebooting, the grub shell comes up, but i can't access the DOC with something like 
root (dc0,0) etc.
(Booting from (hd0) is possible)

Where I'm wrong ?

> Grub patches to support NFTL properly have just been contributed.

> See mtd/patches/grub* and send virtual beer to void at

> --
> dwmw2

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