CFI detection of x16 chips in x8 mode

Alex J Lennon ajlennon at
Thu Sep 14 13:28:49 EDT 2000

> The problem with booting off JFFS is that until Linux has loaded, 
> the only 
> means of accessing the flash is via VBF... which doesn't 
> understand JFFS. And 
> once Linux has loaded, it doesn't understand VBF.
> I've managed to get a dual-personality system up and running now. 
> It boots 
> ROM-DOS off the VBF partition; then I load Linux with loadlin, 
> and it boots 
> off the network. Once the modules are loaded I can access the 
> JFFS partition.

A backwards step perhaps, but its entirely feasible to hook INT19h
and load the kernel out of flash directly - no need for filesystem 
support in the loader.


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