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Miguel Freitas miguel at
Thu Sep 14 13:41:08 EDT 2000

	Hi Ian,

> 64M DOC2000s don't seem to work with M-Systems binary driver.
> Has anyone any experience with 64M DOC2000s? We have several and
> approx. 25% won't format to full capacity with the M-Systems
> utilities.

   The newest DiskOnChip driver in CVS (our driver, not the M-
Systems) should be aware of 64M nand chips. Unfortunatly, NFTL 
may not work with non 8kbytes erase blocks (64M have 16kbytes 
blocks), but I really don't know. I'm a little busy, and I haven't 
checked nftl code yet....
   I would be grateful if you could try the latest CVS code and report 
and success/failures. There is a utility (nandtest) where you can test 
raw access to nand chips without nftl.
   I think there are new drivers on the M-Systems site to handle 64M 
DOC2000s, but probably not for linux.


Miguel Freitas
Center for Telecommunications Studies
e-mail: miguel at

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