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Wed Sep 13 14:10:58 EDT 2000

>Sure --- I just don't know how. Ditto with the devfs stuff. I'll have a look 
>at the rest of the kernel and see how easy/difficult it is. Getting this 
>working would be a great bonus for us.

...and here is a patch to devfsify mtdchar. I even got a chance to test it, 
and the previous patch, and it all seems to work.

This is terribly terribly basic, as three-quarters of an hour ago I knew 
nothing about devfs. It creates entries for all fifteen possible devices, 
regardless of whether they exist or not. Interestingly, on my system, 0-5 
work, despite the fact that /proc/mtd claims that only 0-2 exist. Accessing 
the others returns a normal and harmless "No such device" error.

Block devices appear to be just as easy, but as it's 19:10 here in the UK and 
I'm still at work I'll do it tomorrow. What should I call it? /dev/mtd/b%d? 
/dev/mtd/block/%d? /dev/mtdblock/%d? /dev/mtd/fnord/%d?

David Given
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