David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Sep 13 12:43:22 EDT 2000

dg at said:
>  * MTD only works with kernels compiled with*out* MODVERSIONS. This is
> because  the dynamic loading code in map.h doesn't know about the
> mangled symbols used  with this option turned on. 

Easy to fix - just that nobody's bothered yet. Patches accepted if you care 
enough to produce one.

dg at said:
>  * The device claims to see only 8MB of my flash medium. 

Odd. Please send the kernel's output while it's probing. How big _is_ the 

dg at said:
>  * The device sees three partitions on the disk. DOS sees one. I
> suspect that  they use different concepts of partitions. 

Yes. In hindsight, we probably shouldn't call them 'partitions'.

dg at said:
>  * MTD doesn't work with devfs, so you have to create device nodes
> manually ---  /dev/mtd is at c,90,0..2 and /dev/mtdblock is at
> b,31,0..2, right? 

See #1. Patches accepted if you care :)

dg at said:
>  Would anyone like to explain to me what's going on, if anyone knows?
> I  *really* don't want to go back to using flashfx.o. I don't want to
> experiment  as I could easily render my board unbootable. Which would
> be a shame.

Please could you bzip2 and send to me the contents of /dev/mtd[012]. I'm 
not 100% sure what translation layer is used by flashfx, but it might be 
something I recognise.

dg at said:
>  BTW, anyone know how frequently the kernel syncs with the CVS tree? 

Rarely at the moment. I sync to Linus' kernel frequently, but I'm not
intending to send him anything more for 2.4. Once the 2.5 series starts, 
I'll be keeping it reasonably up-to-date. 

AnonCVS access is available. I recommend you use that.


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