2.4 __setup and __initcall backported to 2.2.18

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Tue Sep 12 04:02:53 EDT 2000

The 2.2.18 release is going to support __setup and __initcall macros in the 
same way as the 2.4 kernels, which means that we can do without a whole lot 
of ugliness.

Therefore, as soon as 2.2.18 final is released, I'm intending to stop 
supporting the old method of init calls. 

If anyone wants to step up and volunteer to maintain them, because they 
want to use kernels older then 2.2.18 (I can't see the init stuff being 
backported to 2.0 just yet), then please make yourself known now.

Otherwise, the old init calls will get out of sync with the code. I won't
remove them immediately, but I _will_ do so when I first notice that they're
out of date.


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