jffs_mknod: bogus imode when creating sockets

David Vrabel dvrabel at arcom.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 05:41:20 EDT 2000

David Vrabel wrote:

> Creating sockets on JFFS results in
>     jffs_mknod: bogus imode (nnnn)
> messsages.

Never mind.  Thinking about it some more (should do this more often). 
I've realized something else is not setting the mode correctly for
sockets (I'm sure it shouldn't be 140755 but 6).  Hmmm... shouldn't the
socket check be in there anyway?

> ps. What's a imode? :->

Another lack of clues here... Obviously it means inode->i_mode not a
misspelling of inode...

David Vrabel

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