JEDEC support

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Sep 5 03:38:14 EDT 2000

Stuart.Menefy at said:
>  I'm new to MTD, and unfortunately to get it running on my hardware
> I'm going to need the JEDEC support. I see the code has atrophied a
> little, so before I embark on trying to resurrect it, I was just
> wondering if anyone else had done this work? Alternatively any hints
> on how best to do it would be welcome.

It shouldn't be _too_ much out of date. It just needs you to make it take 
the 'bank_size' parameter as an argument to the probe function rather than 
storing it in the map_info structure.

>  Longer term, I also need to support Intel 28F016 (which is not JEDEC
> or CFI compatible). Anybody else implemented support for these? 

The (very) old doc1000 driver does it, I think. Can you probe for these 


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