MTD support for 8x16 devices

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Sep 4 09:16:50 EDT 2000

ahennessy at said:
>  Ok, I will do that.  I also just found out  that I need to subscribe
> to the mtd-cvs list to follow what is being checked in? 

Yep. I did have that going to the main list at one point, but people 
apparently prefer to have it separated.

ahennessy at said:
>  The other product has a single strata chip (8x16 variety) set in byte
> mode so the bus width is 1.  The cfi ident info is requested at
> address 0xaa and read starting at 0x20 so this is new code that I've
> added.   I'll  merge my code to make use of the new define
> CFI_DEVICETYPE_X8 which I'm assuming was added for this purpose?

Dunno. That was added after I last looked at the CFI probe code.

ahennessy at said:
> Sooo,  I need to do the extra logic outside the driver level. ;) 

See (and probably rename) util/doc_loadbios


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