MTD on intel 28F320B3 flash memory

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Nov 17 09:18:02 EST 2000

mhill at said:
>  The 28F320B3 is a BOOT BLOCK flash part.  It contains Eight 8K
> regions and 63 64K regions.  The CFI code assumes that all regions are
> of the same size. I am currently using this part in a design.  To get
> around this problem, I changed the CFI code to treat the 8K regions as
> a single 64K region. 

I think that's the correct way do do things. I don't think the MTD layer 
needs to handle variable erase sizes within a single MTD partition. Either 
your CFI driver registers a single device with 64K erasesize, or it 
registers two devices, one with 8K erasesize and the remainder with 64K 

I can't think of any situation in which you'd want to _use_ the multiple 
erasesize without actually using the boot blocks for a separate purpose to 
the remainder of the flash, in which case they should be in different MTD 
devices anyway, as far as the MTD layer is concerned.


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