David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Mar 30 04:10:32 EST 2000

I've updated the documentation now. I thought I'd said that the notify 
functions which are called to notify 'user' modules of addition and removal of 
MTD devices may not sleep.

That was a silly decision, and so I've changed it - these routines obviously 
need to call the mtd->read() routines et al to see if there's anything of 
interest on the newly-added device, which means they have to be able to sleep.

I was going to protect the MTD driver list with a spinlock but it'll have to 
be a semaphore.

I've committed an updated ftl.c to CVS, based on the latest one from David 
Hinds' PCMCIA code. It appears to be hanging in INIT_REQUEST, which is 
confusing me. Anyone want to take a look?


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