New release of MTD code pending.

Alexander Larsson alex at
Mon Mar 27 09:55:01 EST 2000

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:

> alex at said:
> >  Sure, but there are some architecture changes that should be done
> > before that. (The ones we discussed last week). 
> Definitely. I'm going through the FTL code first - to remind myself of how it 
> actually works. Then I'll get round to making the changes we talked about.
> As it is, I haven't actually looked at some of this code in three years. For 
> example, I had no clue how the async erases worked until I just reread it.

I've got some questions on the async erase btw:

When I fire away a flash erase, can i just continue working with the
flash, content with knowing that if i do a read or write while the chip is
erasing it will block? I thought so at first, and it would be the logical

Some code in the current drivers made me doubt this though, so i added an
explicit sleep until i got the finished callback.

The code in question is stuff like: 
doc100.c: flashcard_read():
 /* There is an erase in progress or pending for this device. Stop it */
 timeron = del_timer(&flashcard_timer);
 if (priv->cur_erases && priv->cur_erases->cell == cell) 
   /* The erase is on the current cell. Just return all 0xff */ 
   printk("Cell %d currently erasing. Setting to all 0xff\n",cell);
   memset(buf, 0xff, *retlen);
   return 0;

WTF is this?

Also, doc2000.c: doc_erase() doesn't seem to call the callback function at

/ Alex

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