Trevor Woolven trevw at
Mon Mar 27 08:02:32 EST 2000

Does anyone know if GRUB has an in-built limit to the size of DOC you
can use it with?

I've got a 4MB DOC2000 and a 24MB DOC2000, both with very similar
filesystems & kernels on. I can boot my system (from hard-disk or DOC)
using LILO (with Dvir Oren's patch applied) with either device installed
but GRUB will only allow me to use the smaller one.

My command line is:
grub> kernel (hd0,0)/mtd/bzImage root=/dev/hda5

and I get:

  [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x800, size=0x88440]

Selected item cannot fit into memory

Any help much appreciated.


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