New release of MTD code pending.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Mar 27 04:12:49 EST 2000

I'm intending to make a new release some time this week.

I'd like to ship a tarball which holds drivers/mtd, along with two patches 
which add that directory to the kernel infrastructure.

I can't run 2.2 easily on my current testbed, so I would appreciate it if 
someone could give me a patch which adds _only_ the Makefile, arch/*/ 
and init code to the 2.2 kernel.

I'm going to update the FTL code so it compiles with 2.3 kernels - probably by 
taking David Hinds' latest version from the PCMCIA code and porting it to MTD 
again, so I get the last 3 years' worth of bug fixes while I'm at it.

The mtdblock driver needs fixing too - volunteers?

We're now in the interesting position of having two flash filesystems present 
in the tree - one of which (FFS2) compiles only on 2.2 kernels, and the other 
of which (JFFS) only compiles on 2.3. It'd be nice to fix that at some point.


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