Questions about MTD

Kyle Harris kharris at
Mon Mar 20 11:17:22 EST 2000

Oron Ogdan wrote:
> Kyle Harris Wrote :
> > I've seen reference to "saving the bad block table" in a couple of
> > places now. It seems that the file system should be able to
> > dynamically
> > create/maintain the bad block table. Is this not true?
> >
> No It's not true, The Bad Block table is static and should not change
> during the life cycle of the device. Just think of the possibility of
> a power failure during the update to this table.
> When talking about new bad blocks that occur during the life cycle of the
> device, it is very
> hard to determine when a new "bad block" is really bad. Just think of
> situations such as power down, Noisy hardware etc. Our philosophy now
> (in M-Systems) is marking new bed blocks only in the copy of the bad
> block table that resides in RAM. So further writes to this block will be
> prevented until the next reset.
> In the next reset, Either the block is bad and then the first write
> will fail again and further writes will be prevented, Or it's good and
> then can be reused.

So will the device still work if the static table has been deleted?


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