CF Works !?

Kyle Harris kharris at
Fri Mar 17 12:03:32 EST 2000

Ralph Stickley wrote:
> >
> The CF cards come with a small 50 pin (1mm ??) connector on the edge of
> them.
> To make the connection with a standard 0.1" IDE connector requires an
> adaptor
> that has both connectors. AFAIK, the CF pinout is not the same pinout as
> IDE...
> Total cost for quantity "1"  is about $60 for the adaptor and $89 for
> the card
> (something like that, I didn't buy them, so I don't know exactly).

Ooouuccchh! :-O

Does the adaptor have active components, or is it simply changing the
form factor and pinout? Or is it more like a carrier for easy swapout?
$60 is a lot for an adaptor cable!

> Availablity is a big problem with flash chips...we've seen them go out
> to 6 months on allocation!  Flash is one of the most difficult chips
> to manufacture...for example, MicroChip has recently delayed some new
> "flash" based devices for over 8 months because of yield problems.

Yep, we even have problems getting NOR flash not just NAND.
Later, Kyle.

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