Reviving DOCs

Trevor Woolven trevw at
Mon Mar 13 11:31:13 EST 2000

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their help and advice.
Secondly, I appear to have found another way...

	nftl_format /dev/mtd0
	fdisk /dev/nftla	(sometimes a reboot is needed first)
	mke2fs /dev/nftla1	(I only create one partition on the DOC at present)

Now, so far this method appears to have revived three DOC2000 devices.
I've got a few more to try yet and so the chicken count hasn't started
but so far so good.

I haven't used docpmap to revive a DOC:

	docpmap /br /f:<filename>	to get an image of a 'virgin' DOC
	docpmap /bw /f:<filename>	to write virgin image onto 'broken' DOC

...because I haven't got any 'virgin' devices left (oops!) and I needed
to rebuild a kernel with MSDOS fs support (somewhere to store the image
files) and I couldn't be bothered.

DW's idea of using nanddump needs (I believe) a utility to write the
image back onto the DOC. I've hacked nanddump into nandput but have yet
to try it out. Is it worth it?????


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