Reviving DiskOnChip

Trevor Woolven trevw at
Fri Mar 10 12:34:43 EST 2000

Err, anybody know the spells and incantations required to bring a
DiskOnChip back to life?

According to M-Systems there are ways to do this (eg: dformat /win:xxx
/unformat) but they don't seem to work for me, (wrong kind of pointy hat
I guess).

docpmap /e appears to frag the thing completely, full stop, goodnight
I include an excerpt from an email that opens the lid (very slightly) on
some of their secret squirrel stuff in case it's of use/information to

If anyone has the full monty on the M-Systems utilities, ie: what the
commands really do, what their commandline parameters really are and
which sub-sets actually work, I'd be externally grateful.

Alternatively, has anyone got some other utilities to achieve, stable,
working, reliable and robust DOCs?

Have I been stupid? (don't answer that!) or just unlucky?

Thanks in advance and desperation,


dformat /win:e400 /log:<filename> - this will save the bad block table
the file <filename> just to be on the safe side. I still owe you this
from a previous email if I remember correctly. you can later use dformat
/win:e400 /uselog:<filename> - if you accidentally used docpmap /e.


dformat /win:e400 /unformat - this will return the DOC to it's original
condition where the flash is totally erased and bad blocks are marked.

dformat /win:e400 /s:doc122.exb - this will return the firmware to the
and format it ready for the file system

There is a manual in the physical pack but unfortunately all the secrets
such as these undocumented options are not documented there and in the
message when you write dformat with no parameters, sorry :-)

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