Booting from the flash

jyllyj pfrl at
Thu Mar 2 05:37:35 EST 2000

Dvir Oren wrote:
    It appears that nftl_format deletes M-Systems' firmware.  I
    remember that David wrote something about fixing that.
    doc_loadbios seems to destroy the partition entirely.  Neither M-
    Systems' drivers nor MTD drivers can recognize anything on the
    flash after doc_loadbios.

    Is there a way to boot from a DOC2000 flash using MTD drivers?

    [BTW:  I was only successful at creating a 2.3 kernel with MTD
    drivers.  2.2 kernels don't seem to work.  I think I have an idea what
    could be wrong, and I'll try to test it soon]
in my case I had some experience about it
1:get mtd-20000131 release and grub from GNU's CVS

2:change doc_stage1.S like this
   3. Return, and wait for our INT 18h to be called.

  /* Store the DiskOnChip segment */
 movw %ds, %cs:doc_seg

  /* Find top of memory */
 xorw %ax, %ax
 movw %ax, %ds
 movw 0x0413, %ax

  /* Set up our shiny net INT 18h handler */

  /* Steal 1K from the top */
 decw %ax
 movw %ax,0x0413

  /* Generate segment address */
 shlw $6,%ax
 movw %ax,%es

  /* Debug: print the address at which we're installing */
 pushw %cs
 popw %ds

  /* Copy ourself into the new segment we've just reserved */
 movw $0x80, %cx
 xorw %si,%si
 xorw %di,%di

 xorw %ax, %ax
 movw %ax, %ds

 movw %es,0x0062
 movw $int18,0x0060

3:compile grub

4:cp /cvs/grub/stage2/pre_stage2  /mtd-20000131/grub/

5:compile mtd-20000131

6:inmod mtd
    insmod doc2000

7: cd /mtd-20000131/grub
doc_loadbios /dev/mtd0 grub_firmware

8:reboot into dos
i use int18 just for you must make a floppy to boot it
in my case like it
    in dos
-xxxx:100 int 18
-w 100 0 0 1
i write 512 byte to floppy boot sector.just to execute int 18 interrupt at
floppy boot stage

9:reboot and use floppy boot.if all is can execute into grub command

Is someone dealing with that grub boot from DOC? i 'm hacking grub code but
can do something that "periphery" because I can't read ntfl's partition in anyone
doing it? some advice?

David Woodhourse,how are you ?

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