problems compiling

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jun 27 10:29:23 EDT 2000

rmoya at said:
> mtdcore.c:77: warning: `DECLARE_MUTEX' declared `static' but never defined 

You are using an old version of the kernel. Update to 2.2.16 for various 
reasons. If you really can't do that then you can at least make MTD compile 
by nabbing include/linux/compatmac.h from 2.2.16 and putting it in place.

rmoya at said:
>  Looking at the sources, I've seen that the DECLARE_MUTEX is declared
> in the sysdep-2.2.h file, but into a:

We're not using the sysdep-2.2.h file any more. The compatibility macros 
have been included into the 2.2.16 kernel.


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