does anyone here used Ampro modules?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jun 27 06:38:17 EDT 2000

maxs at said:
> I tried to load alternative firmware file (grub.exb) to DoC firmware
> area. Now my DoC even unable to be formated!

How did you make 'grub.exb'? I haven't written any tool to produce EXB 
files from the Grub images - I only write them to the flash with my own 
doc_loadbios utility.

maxs at said:
>  Does anyone knows what is exact address map for DoC device?

Load the docprobe and doc2000 modules under Linux - it'll probe all the 
possibilities and tell you where it's mapped in your particular board.

maxs at said:
> And then where the Flash Firmware is located? Why p5update utility
> unable to update exact area in memory space? 

The DiskOnChip firmware is at the beginning of the first flash chip in the 
DiskOnChip. As it's NAND flash, it's not memory-mapped directly.

You _have_ read the NAND flash datasheets, haven't you?


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