GRUB bootloader as firmware

Nick Maximov maxs at
Mon Jun 26 02:54:42 EDT 2000

Now I got success with CVS archive
version of MTD. I used kernel 2.2.16 on Ampro CM/p5e+M-Systems Doc2000
with latest code from CVS.

Kernel was successfully compiled, and my DiskOnChip
was detected after module installation (in order: mtdcore, doc2000,
docprobe, nftl).
I can read and write Linux native partition on my DOC using /dev/nftla1,

BUT! When I create Linux FS (type 83) by fdisk /dev/nftla
command, I LOSE compability with original DOC firmware (doc123.exb),
and system did not boot from flash.

I saw here some discussion about grub loader structurized as firmware
I have 2 utilities from Ampro (the original M-Systems pupdate.exe and
are incompatible with Ampro CM/p5e)

Documentation said that I have 3 areas in flash - CPU BIOS, Flash
and BIOS extention. 

** Which area I have to update with grub firmware? I tried to update 
BIOS extention area with grub_firmware but system does not boot.
Doc firmware area is not large enough to fit compiles firmware...

Can I create DOC boot disk with grub using /dev/nftla? 
Or NFTL-MTD is not compatible with DOC firmware? (I use doc123.exb to
original firmware and doc2.fff to boot from HDD).

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