newbie trying to figure out MTD

Juan Gonzo kayemmess at
Fri Jun 23 16:05:02 EDT 2000

I have little experience with the internals of Linux,
but I have been tasked with getting FTL to work with
an embedded Linux system.

The setup is as follows:
    o Embedded Linux platform
    o Ext2 filesystem
    o Intel Strataflash
    o System can currently boot using a ram disk 
      and Ext2
My plan of attack was this:
    1. Boot target with ram disk.
    2. Install the mtd module(s).
    3. Create an Ext2 filesystem with 
       'mkfs -t ext2 /dev/ftl'
       or something to that effect.
    4. Populate the flash disk with the neccessary
    5. Make the ftl device the root device.
Obviously these are *very* high level steps.

Anyways, you might be thinking "This guy doesn't
know what he is talking about." and I am almost 
inclined to agree.

Could someone comment on what I am trying to
vs. what I am doing?  Or perhaps some general 
instructions on how I should use MTD?  

I have read the MTD docs and have looked through the
mailing list archives, but a lot of that is more
specific info than I need right now.

My thanks to any one that helps.

   -- kelly

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