CVS access

Brendan Simon brendan.simon at
Fri Jun 16 12:37:32 EDT 2000

David Woodhouse wrote:
> akc at said:
> > I tried the Anonymous CVS access, as described, but receives
> > connection refused after entering the password ???
> Works from here. Are you sure you're not firewalled? I don't understand how 
> you can receive 'connection refused' after it's already asked you for a 
> password - you're already connected by then.
I do not think this is true.  I have just tried to do a cvs login to a 
unix machine at work which does not have a cvs server.  It still asks me 
for a password regardless of whether a cvs server is running or not.  It 
seems that as long as a valid host name is supplied, then a password 
will be prompted for before trying to communicate with the cvs server.

> Can you cut and paste exactly what you see?
This would certainly help :)

Brendan Simon.

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