MTD CVS update: 'mtd/fs/jffs inode-v22.c Makefile inode.c'

Sébastien Côté scote1 at Matrox.COM
Fri Jun 16 11:48:15 EDT 2000

Alexander Larsson wrote:

> jffs_file_write() - The 2.3 version has some file-size handling (SIGXFSZ)
> that could be interesting for 2.2. There is also some semaphore locking
> that 2.2 doesn't have which I'm a bit unsure of if it is needed in 2.2.
> The *pos handling can maybe also be moved over.

The file-size handling is definitly good.  The semaphore locking isn't
present in the 2.2 version of ext2 (it was introduced in 2.3) so I don't
think it's needed.

Sébastien Côté

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