DOC2000 lilo-boot question

Dmitry Kargapolov dk at
Fri Jun 9 15:42:30 EDT 2000

Some days ago I tested last (from CVS archive)
version of MTD. I used kernel 2.3.99 with
patch mtd-20000131-against-2.3.41.diff.gz + some
manual fixes + update kernel files from the
last CVS archive.
Kernel was successfully compiled, and my DiskOnChip
was detected during the booting.
I can read and write DOS partition on my DOC using /dev/nftla1,
I can create Linux native file system and successfully use it.

BUT! When I create Linux FS (type 83) by fdisk /dev/nftla
command, I LOSE compability with original DOC firmware (doc123.exb),
and system did not boot from flash.

When I use original M-System's driver (/dev/fla)
with 2.2.14 kernel for create linux FS on DOC,
I can boot both: 2.2.14 kernel with /dev/fla support
and 2.3.99 kernel with /dev/nftla support.

Can I create DOC boot disk with lilo-mtd
using /dev/nftla? Or NFTL-MTD is not compatible
with DOC firmware? (I use doc123.exb)

Dmitry Kargapolov        dk at, ICQ 54000305

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