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Wed Jun 7 10:08:13 EDT 2000

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Added a notice regarding the legal status of the patent issues.
M-Systems have now granted us a licence to use the patented algorithms in
NFTL on DiskOnChip products, so I've stuck in a notice to that effect
which is basically copied from the existing notice in the FTL code.

  LEGAL NOTE: The NFTL format is patented by M-Systems.  They have
  granted a licence for its use with their DiskOnChip products:

    "M-Systems grants a royalty-free, non-exclusive license under
    any presently existing M-Systems intellectual property rights
    necessary for the design and development of NFTL-compatible
    drivers, file systems and utilities to use the data formats with, 
    and solely to support, M-Systems' DiskOnChip products"

  A signed copy of this agreement from M-Systems is kept on file by
  Red Hat UK Limited. Or it will be as soon as it arrives. 

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